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May 18, 2024

NIVA * Melloblocco WRAPPED

A summary of the festival via the app data

Melloblocco is over and it’s time to share some memories.

Well, what has been of absolute interest was the spirit of the festival: an international gathering where participants tried out passages together with the world’s best specialists, sharing passion for climbing and the great outdoors. Everyone had the chance to climb on the many granite boulders scattered in the magnificent natural scenery of Val di Mello and Val Masino, among woods and meadows, at the edge of streams and waterfalls.

One of the main innovations of the 2024 edition was the possibility of combining a digital experience and specifically through our NIVA app. The app enabled to find new fellows with whom to climb the problems in the valley and to view the boulders and places of interest via an interactive map.

Our team was present with a stand to present the project and answer to all the questions. It was a great experience to gather feedback and meet the community, either climbers and businesses operating in the industry.

So, let’s share some interesting figures directly from the app…

App downloads and new users

The festival has been also a great opportunity to launch the very first release of the app, and we can say that it has been a great success, indeed:

  • 904 people downloaded the app
  • 546 created a user account, to date the NIVA community has more than 4100 climbers!
  • This outstanding performance data made the app the 45th most downloaded app in the Sport category on the App Store.

A new marketing channel for brands operating in the industry

We gave industry brands such as Mapo Tapo, ExploreClimbing and Yoga for Outdoor People the opportunity to have a dedicated space in the app to promote their products or services. 

The banners were placed within the sections to register the boulders climbed, both for award boulders and historical routes.

In addition, we organized on-site initiatives together: challenges on the hangboard by ExploreClimbing and a treasure hunt with t-shirts by Yoga for Outdoor People, thus offering a phygital experience, i.e. combining the digital with the possibilities of the physical experience.

But let’s deep dive into the NIVA*Melloblocco community…

The categories

The NIVA*Melloblocco climbers are 72% men and 28% women.

Of these, 72% are amateurs, while 8% have declared that they are “top” (competitive, professional or athletes).

Styles and grades

As might be expected, NIVA*Melloblocco climbers are predominantly bouldering enthusiasts!

47% said they boulder, 42% lead climb and 11% trad climb.

Here below you find some other interesting insights:


  • 19% climbs up to 5+
  • 56% climbs from 6a to 6+
  • 21% climbs from 7a to 7c+
  • 4% climbs from 8a to 8c

Crag climbers

  • 16% climbs up to 5c
  • 55% climbs from 6a to 6c+
  • 23% climbs from 7a to 7c+
  • 6% climbs from 8a to 9a


  • 41% climbs up to 5c
  • 54% climbs from 6a to 6c+
  • 5% climbs from 7a to 7b

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