The digital knot for the vertical world

designing secure and effective ties between all the actors to create and distribute value

Like Tinder, simply for Climbers

Your digital climbing community

Interact, find partners, search, and create events.

In this way, you can replace the various inefficient channels and groups with a single app that enables trust, saves time, and enhances the matching experience.

Additionally, in NIVA you can find activities organized by professionals and exclusive promotions offered by our brand partners.

Trust builder

bio, grade, climbing experience

Partner finder

location-based research

Event creator

post your own events to find partners

Events finder

search for community events or guided activities


interact with the community members

How it actually works

Step 01


create your climber profile adding your photo, bio, skills, experiences

Step 02


search for your ideal partner based on profile info and location

Step 03


chat with your ideal partner to plan your next climb together

    Like Tinder, simply for Climbers

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    Join our guided vertical trips around the world

    From digital to real adventures

    Discover our tailor made vertical trips, carefully designed with the utmost care with the best professionals in the coolest vertical locations.

    Born from the merger of 2 startups

    NIVA is born from the merger of two existing and functioning projects and products: Fjello & Climby

    The two teams decided to join forces to develop an advanced product that integrates the functionalities, network effects and technologies needed to pursue the matching vision of the founders:

    build the best digital platform for the vertical world

    NIVA for Businesses  

    NIVA represents an entire ecosystem of services, users and B2B actors in which shared value is created

    Our business modules

    Manage events & comps

    Automate the process

    Allow participants to enter the boulders they climbed and see the ranking change in real time directly from their phones.

    Comps & circuits

    With NIVA you can create both individual competitions and entire circuits, involving more gyms and creating more engagement.

    Different types of comps

    Choose the calculation mode you prefer: boulders can have a fixed value or they can have a relative value, given by the number of participants who have climbed it.

    Sponsors' visibility

    You can offer unique visibility to your sponsors!

    Safety first

    Why safety?

    NIVA strongly believes in the need to help climbers and gyms in the prevention of injuries, especially considering the large number of new climbers coming from other types of sport, such as fitness.

    Safety courses

    To ensure greater safety for all, NIVA offers gyms highly specific safety video courses to be made available to their customers.

    "Climbing safety licence"

    The video course ends with a test: passing it, th climber obtains a minimum safety skills licence valid in all participating gyms.

    Gyms management

    Routesetting software

    As the owner of the gym, you need to know which boulders were set, when, what grade and by whom: NIVA allows you to have all this information easily under control.

    Informed decisions

    Moreover, climbers can leave feedbacks about your boulders and express their appreciation or not: in this way, you can understand better your customer and offer better servicies.

    Help and retain your customers

    Finally, your climbers will have access to the digital guidebook of your gym: they will be able to discover all the boulders information directly within the NIVA app, watch the Beta videos to learn the "méthode" and save their activities in the Logbook.


    Sell your activities

    The right place

    NIVA offers you a large community of highly targeted and profiled potential customers, improving your chances of conversion and saving your budget.

    Effective marketing channel

    Events: a missed opportunity

    Now you can't phisically attend the climbing events organized by gyms, we know this. That is why we designed NIVA as a digital gateway to all events. NIVA provides sponsors with various ways and places to "be present" in-app, to make brand awareness activities, to propose promotions and products suggested specifically for them and to drive conversions.

    Comunity: continuous interaction

    A part from the events, you can choose to become a "NIVA sponsor", thus having the opportunity to interact more continuously with your target audience within our growing community.

      The digital knot for the vertical world

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